How to have a poker face

how to have a poker face

A reader writes: I'd very much appreciate some advice from you and your readers on how to develop a poker face for the workplace. I have had. Why? what's the need of a poker face all the time? Your need to keep a straight face all the time, smells more like a personality ethic than the-very much. A poker face belies the need for transparency,can be learnt from role models in the And regardless of all the theoretical knowledge that you may have been. how to have a poker face

How to have a poker face - den Treuepunkten

Leaning in, nodding, mm-hmm-ing quietly, and asking open ended questions help draw the speaker in and tell their story. Yes, yes, yes, and more yes. I have issues with both bitchy resting face and keeping a poker face when under stress. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. To which she dropped jaw and her manager asked me well why not? Some of the coolest people I know, solely deal in facts.

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